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Tuesday, June 05, 2007




Like they’re Austin’s answer to Kitty, Daisy & Lewis this bunch of under-16s are precocious and delightful beyond measure. Their eponymous debut album, produced by Texas legend Freddie Krc, shines with an authenticity and a spirit that harks back to the pioneering garage days of the 60s.

The six-piece came together at Natural Ear Music, a rock’n’roll summer school where youngsters got taught to play by ear, and this was where Freddie spotted them. In double-quick time he became their mentor, drummer, producer and record label boss.

As bandmate of Roky Erickson and leader of The Explosives and The Shakin’ Apostles Freddie is the apogee of cool, a devoted student of the genre and a guy to trust. He’s pointed these kids towards a bunch of great songs and got solid, natural and un-contrived performances out of them.

At 13 Jenny Wolfe’s already a feisty but subtle singer, and Steven Campbell plays some excellent keyboards notably in Augie Meyers-style on ‘Shakin’ All Over’. Claiming producer’s rights Krc has them do a few of his own songs among them the timeless ‘In My Head’, along with such as Erickson’s ‘Starry Eyes’, PF Sloan’s ‘You Baby’. Mike Nesmith’s ‘Different Drum’ and Graham Gouldman’s ‘For Your Love’.

They’re all a joy to listen to, a palate cleanser, a promise of a splendid future, and a reminder of class. Would that all 13 year olds had such an education.



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