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Friday, December 05, 2008


Just Fall To Pieces

(WELL WORN) www.wellwornrecords.com

You’re never going to get rich these days carrying the torch for Cosmic American Music, no matter how many times the cold ashes of Gram Parsons get stirred up. On the other hand, spiritually you’re never going to be poor, as can be witnessed by the waves of good will that flood around the place whenever The Ugly Guys come to town.

If you’re in the vicinity of San Francisco you satisfy your Burritos jones by catching Dave Gleason and the Wasted Days either playing in the poster lounge at the Fillmore or at any of a host of bars around Northern California. This is Gleason’s third album and like the previous two it’s packed full of honky-tonk weepers and country rock swingers that’ll have you crying in your beer and bouncing round the dance floor.

The Wasted Days have luminaries like Pat Johnson, once of the Wellsprings Of Hope and sometime collaborator with Penelope Houston, and Mike Therieau, who carries the Chuck Prophet imprimatur, among their number. They’re also joined by a host of excellent guest players including the out-and-out legend that is Albert Lee.

With titles like ‘The Good’s Been Gone’, ‘Neon Rose’, and ‘(Wine) Take Away My Mind’, and lashings of pedal steel, accordion, and twang, you’re getting exactly what it says on the tin. However in a milieu that’s damned by some pretty dismal pretenders these guys are the real deal.


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